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Student Visa Through HR

UK - HR Consultants Pvt. Limited

The International Office of HR offers help and advice to international students coming to study in the UK. HR will help you arrange your travel to the UK, whether this is arranging a flight or applying for a student visa.

As part of the application process you will need to obtain the relevant entry clearance before you can travel, ensure you have sufficient funds and pass any necessary health checks before your arrival in the UK.
Student Visa Requirements from April 2012
Visa Application Fees:
     ·         Overseas: £285
     ·         In country: £394
Maintenance requirements:
Length of course
Funds needed Outside London
Funds needed London
9 Months or Less
Course fees AND £800 for each month of the course
Course fees AND £1000 for each month on the course
More than 9 Months
Course fees AND £7200 to cover 9 months in the UK
Course fees and £9000 to cover 9 months in the UK

Overseas Banks

The UKBA have now issued information about Banks from which they will not accept proof of funds. These can be found on the UKBA  
Next Step
If you feel confused or are unsure of your next steps HR International Team is here to help. You can always contact one of HR International Student Advisers at: hrauf@hrpakitan.com. 
HR Help - Always
Please note that this service is only offered to students applying for admission in universities represented by HR regardless you have applied directly, on Line or through one of HR offices in Pakistan.

Australia - HR Consultants Pvt. Limited

If you have applied for admission in an Australian Institution through HR,  your application for student visa will be processed by HR Consultants. There is no requirement to appear personally at the Australian High Commission for the student visa.
HR Director is certified by the International Education Services Limited and has fulfilled the requirements “Working effectively in the International Education Environment (IESENT001A) and Review compliance with relevant legislation and regulations for international education provision (IESENT301A)”. We are the first and only Consultant in Pakistan who achieved this certificate (as of November 2006).Download this file.
HR Consultants is the oldest student placement office in Pakistan for admissions and visa assistance for Australia.  There is no consultancy fee for this service by HR. For more information please visit one of HR offices near you. near you.

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