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Education System

Education system of New Zealand:
The first New Zealand university was founded in 1869 and, by the end of the century, had been joined by two further universities. Today there are eight universities in New Zealand, and due to government legislation, this is the maximum number of universities allowed within the country. All are national or public universities and are duly accredited by the New Zealand government having been established through acts of parliament. The United States Department of Education recognizes all eight universities as outstanding institutions for study abroad, but does not have its own accrediting body for its own universities.
The first semester/trimester begins in mid to late February and ends in mid to late June. The second term begins in July and ends in November.
In New Zealand a student’s academic schedule fluctuates between lectures, tutorials (small group sessions), laboratory work, seminars, and home and library study.
The academic system in New Zealand places a lot of emphasis on independent study. This can be quite different to that experienced in the US. It is expected that students will research and write essay type papers even from their first year. These written papers will make up large parts of the overall assessment with final exams making up to 60% of the final grade. It is not uncommon to have 1-2 exams or papers making up 100% of the grade.

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